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Lodge Location & Parking Information

Parking Information

Entry Permits : A valid entry permit is required for parking anywhere within the resort. They can be purchased online before arriving at the resort. Please visit Alpine Easy Access to purchase your permit.

Unloading/loading : You may park your car temporarily on either side of the road near Jack Frost whilst unloading (shown in orange on the above map), but you cannot leave it there overnight. A 15 or 30 minute parking limit applies, although there is some leniency, particularly in poor weather, unless you really over-step the mark.

Day Parking : Day parking is provided along the Great Alpine Road as shown in purple on the above map. You will need a valid permit to park in these areas between the hours of 7am until 11pm. After 11pm vehicles must be moved to the overnight parking areas.

Overnight Parking : Overnight parking starts about 300m down the road from from where you unload the car (towards Omeo) on the right hand side as shown in green on the above map. Look for the large red sign indicating the start of Overnight Parking saying “All Hours Parking Commences Here”. You will need a valid entry permit to stop or park in the resort.

A free shuttle bus runs very regularly until about 2am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and will come and pick you up once you have parked your car. At other times, flag down a bus prior to parking your car and let them know that you are going to the overnight car park. The bus will either follow you down or organise for another bus to pick you up.

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