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Ski Trail Maps

Click on the below maps to open them in a new window, or 'right click' on the PDF links and select 'Save Target As' to save them to your computer.

Download: Downhill lifts & ski runs (PDF, 2.8MB)

Ski Patrol

Mount Hotham Ski patrol operates in the winter season to reduce the risk of injury and exposure to hazard to all resort users, and provides assistance for injured or lost persons in the alpine region over winter.

Ski patrol is comprised of approximately 20 full and part time professional patrollers who work in conjunction with a dedicated team of volunteer patrollers. All active Patrollers are trained to a high level of skill that includes advanced emergency care, rope rescue and search techniques. Ski patrol maintains an ongoing training regime for all patrollers in order to keep their skills sharp and to develop the overall skill base of individuals and the patrol team. The Victoria Police, Rural Ambulance Victoria and the Australian Ski patrol Association, facilitates training.

A typical day for Ski Patrol commences with a morning meeting at 0815. Conditions, forecasts and the outlook for the day are discussed before the group breaks away to assess the entire resort. Patrollers are then dispatched through out the resort to monitor and report on the conditions. This monitoring and hazard assessment continues through the day and is the prime focus of a Ski Patroller, secondary to responding to calls for assistance.

Ski Patrol are responsible for ensuring no-one is left stranded in the resort over night. Patrol check all open runs at the end of the day and are the last people off the hill. The last patroller usually gets their boots off about 5.30 PM, that’s a long day in Ski or Snowboard boots!

Patrollers at Mount Hotham are easily recognizable by their uniforms. Most patrollers now are wearing red and black with a large white cross on the back and a smaller cross on each arm. We also have a small amount of patrollers still in the old blue uniform with yellow Maltese cross’ on each arm.

The main purposes of the Mount Hotham Ski Patrol are to:
• Minimize the risk of injury and exposure to hazards for all resort users.
• To educate resort users about safe and appropriate behavior in the Alpine environment.
• Administer first aid assistance to injured persons on the snow.
• Transfer those requiring further medical attention to the Ambulance Service and then onto the Mount Hotham Medical Centre.
• In conjunction with the Victorian Police and other emergency services to search for and rescue skiers lost in Alpine areas.
• Serve the public with other assistance and skiing information.
• Improve safety standards within the resort.

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